Lanarkshire & District Bowling Leagues Association
League Cup - 2017
All Games commence at 2.00pm.
Semi-Final & Final players must have bowls on Green by 1.30pm
for Umpire inspection.

Please Note: This Competition is only open to Players who were Members of the participating Club last Season

Prelim. Round - Sunday 30th. April 2017 Return To Home Page

A Bellshill
v Quarter
B Sandyhills
v Dalzell

First Round -Sunday 7th. May 2017
01 Quarter
v Sandyhills
02 Burnbank
v Blantyre
03 Airdrie v Strathclyde
04 Glengowan
v Eddlewood
05 Mount Vernon
v Motherwell
06 Whitefield
v Uddingston
07 Gartsherrie
v Gartcosh
08 Overtown
v Victoria Coatbridge

Second Round - Sunday 14th. May 2017
09 Sandyhills
v Blantyre
Strathclyde v
11 Mount Vernon v Whitefield
12 Gartsherrie v Victoria Coatbridge

Semi Final - Sunday 21st. May 2017  on Houldsworth B.C.
13 Sandyhills
v Strathclyde
14 Whitefield
v Victoria Coatbridge

Final - Sunday 28th. May 2017 on Dalzell B.C.
15 Sandyhills
v Victoria Coatbridge

Winner League Cup 2017
Sandyhills B.C.